The Importance of Quality Video

Presentation is everything when you’re trying to sell your great self to over-subscribed promoters and press alike. No matter how talented you are – a shaky, dark and grainy video of your performance is amateurish and is not at all impressive to promoters and press who are swamped with offers from acts equally as accomplished as yours but who have invested in a decent video. Whilst the tiny HD ‘Flip’ video that I use to capture shows isn’t state-of-the-art it does the trick and has been invaluable in providing decent representation of my artists’ performances and enabling me to get bookings for my artists. Ideally you should hire a video professional to record one of your shows – it might initially feel prohibitively expensive but will pay dividends in helping to procure higher profile performance opportunities.

Alternatively many venues are providing an option to video-record your performance either for free or at a fraction of what a video company will charge so it’s worth checking it out before investing in a bespoke product. As long as the video is of  good quality and representative of your band it needn’t be of Speilberg proportions. Bottom line is that a quality video which impresses the media could help you to get that all-important review which in turn could convert into bookings from promoters.